Startpage About Nike Brand

Nike Inc. is a firm that takes pride in its engagement in the development, design selling and marketing of athletic apparel, footwear, equipment, accessories and services. The brand has been introduced in several business segments such as Western Europe, North America, Greater China, Central & Eastern Europe, Japan, Converse, Emerging Markets and Corporates.

The Global Brand Divisions represent the Nike brand business. The converse segment is mostly designs, license, and market and sells all casual sneakers, accessories and apparel. The corporate department is based on the foreign currency hedge losses and gains which are related to the revenues generated by in the Nike brand along with Converse segments. All these undertakings are regulated and managed by the Central Foreign Exchange Risk Management program of this firm.

The Formation and Success of the Nike Brand

The Nike Company was formed in 1964 by the great William Jay Bowerman along with Philip H. Knight with its headquarters based in Beaverton. The success story of the firm began at the University of Oregon in early 1962. The two founders were students when they realised this dangerous idea about introducing into the market low-priced and high-tech athletic apparel and shoes from Japan. The entire purpose was to dislodge the German domination in the US footwear market along with improving the athletic performance of every individual customer.

The start-up idea was based on a strategy which involved low production cost, making the products price profitable and competitive. The production cost was designed to be 10% the selling price of the products. Branding marketing is one of the leading strategy, which brings the other 90% profit to the market.